Thank you all for attending PLANCKS 2020!
Together we had a varied programme with fantastic speakers, tried out new fun online socials and somehow managed to recreate the spirit of PLANCKS, which like all IAPS events, is about connecting diverse student communities together from around the world. We felt that this was an uplifting event with fun physics at its core and hope you all enjoyed it too.
With all the difficulties this year has brought it, the combination of IAPS and IOP communities were able to come together and make the “0th Online Edition” of PLANCKS a great success and end the year on a positive note. Everyone deserves to be congratulated for the way they solved the exam. With so many teams, it’s impressive that no answers were the same and that everyone attempted it differently. 



Thankyou again to all those who participated.
We're looking forward to seeing you again online next year!