The preliminaries exam will consist of ten physics problems covering a wide variety of topics and requiring varying degrees of knowledge. The exam will take place on the morning of Saturday 20th February 2021 and will last four hours.

PLANCKS UK and Ireland Preliminaries- Exam Information and Rules

-The exam starts after you are invited to the breakout rooms at 10:30 GMT, you have two hours for the first half followed by a break, then two hours for the second half.

-Go to plancks.uk/kent-exam to download the exam and upload your answers.

-At least one member of your team must remain in the Zoom call at all times throughout the exam.

-The exam ends at 15:00 GMT, please upload answers by 15:30 GMT.

-When uploading, please submit your answer to each question as a separate PDF in your team’s folder.

-If you have any questions or issues during the exam use the ‘raise my hand’ feature in Zoom or come into the main session.

-Any corrections/ clarifications to the paper will be announced during the break and uploaded to the clarifications folder on plancks.uk/kent-exam.

-The use any external resource during the exam is not permitted. You may use scientific, non programmable calculators, watches and medical equipment. You may also use a tablet/ digital writing device to write your answers on, we do not recommend typing your answers.

-If it is brought to the invigilators’ attention that a team has been cheating or breaking the rules they will be disqualified. Disqualification can happen post submission.

-In situations to which no rule applies, the committee will rule on the matter.